The Liberty Restoration Act

"The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,
but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution." Abraham Lincoln

The legislation you are about to read, if those in power think it may have an impact on the people, will get harsh criticism. The politicians will criticize it. The media and the press will criticize it. The college professors will criticize it. Religious leaders will oppose it. Why? Simple. Because it takes away the power the labor cannibals have unconstitutionally gained over the people and restores to the people the basic liberties guaranteed them by their Constitution. The media and the press are not going to admit that they have acted in consort with the politicians either to brainwash the people with socialist propaganda. What we will have are highly educated people going crazy because they are being tormented by the truth. Actually, this reminds me of something I read in Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book The Gulag Archipelago, where he describes what the Russian people went through under socialism.

"A district Party conference was under way in Moscow Province. It was presided over by a new secretary of the District Party Committee, replacing one recently arrested. At the conclusion of the conference, a tribute to Comrade Stalin was called for. Of course, everyone stood up (just as everyone had leaped to his feet during the conference at every mention of his name). The small hall echoed with ‘stormy applause, rising to an ovation.' For three minutes, four minutes, five minutes, the ‘stormy applause, rising to an ovation,' continued. But palms were getting sore and raised arms were already aching. And the older people were panting from exhaustion. It was becoming insufferably silly even to those who really adored Stalin. However, who would dare to be the first to stop? The secretary of the District Party Committee could have done it. He was standing on the platform, and it was he who had just called for the ovation. But he was a newcomer. He had taken the place of a man who had been arrested. He was afraid! After all, NKVD men were standing in the hall watching to see who quit first! And in that obscure, small hall, unknown to the Leader, the applause went on - six, seven, eight minutes! They were done for! Their goose was cooked! They couldn't stop now till they collapsed with heart attacks! At the rear of the hall, which was crowded, they could of course cheat a bit, clap less frequently, less vigorously, not so eagerly - but up there with the presidium where everyone could see them? The director of a local paper factory, an independent and strong-minded man, stood with the presidium. Aware of all the falsity and all the impossibility of the situation, he kept on applauding! Nine minutes! Ten! In anguish he watched the secretary of the District Party Committee, but the latter dared not stop. Insanity! To the last man! With make-believe enthusiasm on their faces, looking at each other with faint hope, the district leaders were just going to go on and on applauding until they fell where they stood, till they were carried out of the hall on stretchers! And even then those who were left would not falter... Then, after eleven minutes, the director of the paper factory assumed a businesslike expression and sat down in his seat. And, oh, the miracle that took place! Where had the universal, uninhibited, indescribable enthusiasm gone? To a man, everyone stopped dead and sat down. They had been saved! The squirrel had been smart enough to jump off his revolving wheel.

"That, however, is how they discovered who the independent people were. And that was how they went about eliminating them. That same night the factory director was arrested. They easily pasted ten years on him on the pretext of something quite different. But after he had signed Form 206, the final document of the interrogation, his interrogator reminded him:

"‘Don't ever be the first to stop applauding!'"1

So, when it comes to any Democrat or Republican today, or anyone in the media or the press, or any of the religious leaders in the churches - who of them wants to be the first to stop applauding and tell the people the truth?

The Constitution belongs to the people, not politicians and judges, and when we see that the politicians and judges have become corrupt and have perverted our Constitution to enslave us, we the people must either rise to the occasion and take our liberties back, or bow to the new slave power and become its serfs. There is no middle ground. Let us now examine the legislation I have written that enforces the 13th amendment.

The Liberty Restoration Act

An Act enforcing the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution


The American people, pursuant to the taxing powers that started with the Social Security Act of 1935, have been trapped in a process of increasing servitude since 1937 when the income tax laws were perverted to begin taxing labor at one percent. This has led to an institution of slavery enforced by arbitrary law where taxes upon labor, garnishments upon labor, fees imposed upon labor as a condition of contracting labor, and other badges of servitude are imposed without restraint upon the people at all levels of government within the United States. Therefore, to remedy these unconstitutional abuses of power, the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, hereby enact this legislation to restore to the people their inalienable rights as secured by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Section 1. All persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States; and such citizens, of every race and color, shall have the same right, in every State and Territory in the United States, to make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, and give evidence, to inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property, and to full and equal benefit of all laws and proceedings for the security of person and property, and shall be subject to like punishment, pains, and penalties, and to none other, any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, to the contrary notwithstanding.

Section 2. All badges of servitude are hereby prohibited from being imposed upon any citizen of the United States without conforming to the due process of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution. All laws at any level of government in the United States that imposes any badge of servitude are hereby declared unconstitutional and void by this Act, and all laws that may be passed after the passage of this Act that impose any badge of servitude upon any citizen of the United States shall be declared unconstitutional and void by the federal courts, and the 11th amendment of the United States Constitution shall not shield any State from suit concerning the enforcement of this Act. Badges of servitude are defined as:

(a) The denial of the right of a citizen to contract their labor in a free labor market and the denial of the right to enforce labor contracts;

(b) The denial of a person to be paid in full for providing their labor, whether in the form of wages or by some other form of contract. No law shall impose a fee or license upon a citizen as a condition of contracting their labor, and no law or judicial order shall determine the allowance a person receives for providing their labor without respecting the due process of the 13th Amendment;

(c) The denial of the right of locomotion, which is primarily today exercised by people operating motor vehicles;

(d) The denial of the right to counsel and a jury trial in any court action that results in incarceration;

(e) The denial of being issued a passport;

(f) The denial of the right to inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property;

(g) The denial of citizens to peaceably assemble in the free exercise their religion. No law requiring a fee or license shall be imposed that impairs this liberty;

(h) The denial of access to the courts in the enforcement of constitutional rights;

(i) Assigning numbers to children at birth that lay claim upon the child's labor at birth.

Any person who imposes a badge of servitude in violation of the due process of the 13th Amendment upon a citizen shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law and subject to the criminal penalties of Section 4. People may voluntarily impose servitude upon themselves to participate in government sponsored programs or to be members of labor unions, but governments and labor unions may not force the servitude upon them.

Section 3. The right to free labor, pursuant to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, is an inalienable right. Compensation paid for providing labor, which is usually in the form of wages, is not income within the meaning of the 16th Amendment. Researching the Congressional Globe, 37th Congress, proves this. The fiction that compensation for labor is income has developed since taxation upon labor began in 1937. This fiction of law is hereby declared void by this Act since determining the allowance a worker receives from providing their labor is a badge of servitude. The meaning of income is still consistent with what income was viewed to be in 1861 when federal income taxation had its roots. All payroll taxes shall cease when this Act becomes law. All garnishments or others burdens imposed against the labor of citizens of the United States, except for those garnishments and other burdens that have already conformed to the due process of the 13th Amendment, shall cease when this Act becomes law. Any person, after this Act becomes law, who, under color of law, imposes taxation, garnishment or other burdens against the labor of any citizen without first respecting the due process of the 13th Amendment, shall be subject to the criminal penalties in Section 4. Any judge that carves out exceptions to the 13th Amendment, for any reason whatsoever, shall be guilty of violating the constitutional provision found in Article III, Section 1, where judges "shall hold their offices during good behavior," and such judge shall be removed from office if found guilty in impeachment proceedings pursuant to Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States.

Section 4. All persons in the United States who have been forced into servitude in violation of the 13th Amendment shall be emancipated on the date this Act becomes law. All persons incarcerated in the United States whose incarceration was not the result of punishment for crime after conviction shall be released from their incarceration when this Act becomes law. Any person who, under color of law, re-enslaves and/or re-incarcerates any citizen without first respecting the due process of the 13th Amendment, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be punished by fine not exceeding five thousand dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both, in the discretion of the court.

Section 5. After the passage of this Act, participation in the Social Security system shall be voluntary. Social Security Numbers may be rescinded by those wanting to opt out of the system. The practice of assigning newborn children Social Security Numbers is abolished. For the people who opt out of the Social Security system, the Social Security Numbers that are now imposed upon them shall be renamed Credit Reporting Numbers, or CRN's for short. All children who have not come of age to begin working shall have their Social Security Numbers rescinded.

Section 6. The people shall be given a clean slate. All past due taxes, interests, and penalties; all past due child support, interest, and penalties; and all other financial burdens that have been imposed upon labor in violation of the due process of the 13th Amendment are wiped clean and are void after this Act becomes law.

Section 7. The district courts of the United States, within their respective districts, shall have jurisdiction to enforce the criminal and civil provisions of this Act.

Well, did you expect 3000 pages of law? Sorry. I prefer to keep it short and simple. Now let's examine each section.

The first section is pretty much a repeat of the language used in the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

The second section goes into detail about what the badges of servitude are. I got my information from studying what the badges of servitude were back during Civil War times, and see no need for us not to think otherwise today, the operation of Gleichschaltung notwithstanding. Also, even though the federal government will force the states to bow to their will if they want something bad enough, if you try to sue a state in federal court for unlawful enslavement, the courts will rule that the 11th amendment bars the suit, so I thought I'd make clear that the 11th amendment will not bar the enforcement of this act.

The third section sets the record straight as far as the legal definition of "income" is concerned and destroys the effects of Gleichschaltung. This section ensures that a person shall receive the equivalent of their labor (wages in full). The only exception will be those persons who have already been convicted of a crime in which restitution has been ordered, for this servitude has conformed to the 13th amendment. Violations of this section are subject to criminal penalties. Judges that violate the 13th amendment need to be removed from the bench and forbidden from practicing law. The courts are packed with labor cannibal judges, and this section has a provision to unpack the courts so that liberty friendly judges can once again be on the benches of the courts.

The fourth section releases all those unlawfully enslaved from jails and prisons, and forbids their re-enslavement without respecting the due process of the 13th amendment. I saw no reason to go beyond a $5000 fine and one year behind bars as the criminal penalty for violating the act.

The fifth section makes social security a voluntary system and ends the practice of assigning these numbers to children at birth. This will not affect people who are receiving benefits or people nearing retirement age who want to remain in the system. Assigning social security numbers to children at birth is a claim upon the child's labor at birth. This is the old servile maxim partus sequitur ventrem once again, where the offspring follows the condition of the mother. This badge of servitude is therefore abolished. As Justice Curtis said in the Dred Scott case.

"If, in Missouri, the plaintiff were held to be a slave, the validity and operation of his contract of marriage must be denied. He can have no legal rights; of course, not those of a husband and father. And the same is true of his wife and children. The denial of his rights is the denial of theirs. So that, though lawfully married in the Territory, when they came out of it, into the State of Missouri, they were no longer husband and wife; and a child of that lawful marriage, though born under the same dominion where its parents contracted the lawful marriage, is not the fruit of that marriage, nor the child of its father, but subject to the maxim partus sequitur ventrem."2

In "The American Slave Code," published in 1853, we read:

"The legal maxim of ‘Partus sequitur ventrem' is coeval with the existence of the rights of property, and is founded in wisdom and justice. It is on the justice and inviolability of this maxim that the master foregoes the service of his female slave; has her nursed and tended during the period of her gestation, and raises the helpless and infant offspring. The value of the property justifies the expense, and I do not hesitate to say that in its increase consists much of our wealth."3

The sixth section gives the people a clean slate. Let's face it, there is no way the labor cannibals are going to collect all the billions upon billions of dollars that people are alleged to owe in back taxes and past due child support. The claim is bogus anyway since this massive claim against the labor of the people is in violation of the 13th amendment. Adjusting for inflation since the Civil War, even if you rounded all these people up and sold them into bondage, you still wouldn't come close to collecting it all. The labor cannibals have gone mad. The act voids all these alleged debts and wipes the slate clean. It is justice long overdue. The act, once again, restores to all people the same rights as a newly freed slave after the Civil War.

The seventh section is self explanatory.

This is just the first step. More legislation will have to be passed in addition to this act in order to put the monster back in its constitutional cage. Also, the 16th amendment must be repealed so this can never happen again. The amendment that repeals the 16th amendment should have clause that replaces the income tax with a national sales tax that shall not exceed, say, 15%. This means that you will receive your wages in full and pay taxes indirectly as a consumer. A balanced budget amendment is needed also to compliment all of this. But before we start amending the Constitution, we must first restore the Constitution. The talk of amending the Constitution that's going on now is crazy, for the Constitution is dead. It's not being followed. Dressing up a corpse and applying makeup to the corpse may make the corpse look better, but it's still a corpse. Bring the Constitution back to life, then amend it. All any candidate for office can honestly offer the people is to try and fix the mess we are in with the least damage possible.

There you have it. I am one of the first to stop applauding. Will I get ten years like the director of the factory did at the party conference? The final battle of the Civil War is being fought today. It is a spiritual battle. The spirit of slavery is not dead. It is alive and well and many of those in power today all over the world have embraced the enslaving spirit. Shall the forces of slavery finally get their victory over us? Shall the slaveholders win the Civil War in the end? Will we continue down the path of gradual socialism and increasing servitude? Or will the people finally rise up and take back their liberty? I've done my part. If the people choose not to do theirs, my hands are clean.