Chapter IV
Gleichschaltung - Controlling the Way You Think

"In this and like communities, public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed. Consequently he who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. He makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed." Abraham Lincoln, 1858

Most people would not want to admit that they've been brainwashed into thinking they were free when, in fact, they were in a condition of servitude. If you went back in time to Germany, for example, when the Nazis were in power and approached any one of the millions of people that supported the system and tried to tell them that they were slaves; what do you think their reaction would have been? Would they have believed you? Or would they have thought you were crazy and perhaps beaten you for such heresy? Most likely you'd have been arrested and put in a concentration camp.

In the June 24, 1933 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, and article by Dorothy Thompson appeared entitled "Room to Breathe In." She wrote the article after coming back from Germany that year. The beginning of the article has a picture of one of the largest gatherings of all time. Over 1 million people gathered at the Tempelhof Airdrome at Berlin for the May Day Celebrations. Today, gatherings of this magnitude have been rendered unnecessary now that television is everywhere in most places. The picture on the opening page of Ms. Thompson's article shows people as far as the eye can see. Ms. Thompson said: "I have just come back from Germany - the Germany of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism - I have watched with unbelieving eyes the developments of the first ten or twelve weeks of the German revolution."1

The German word Gleichschaltung is important, for it represents a principle of government that is alive and well today just as much as it was back in the days of the Nazis.

Ms. Thompson stated: "But the German revolution is better expressed in its own words. All students of contemporary world affairs must learn it. The word is Gleichschaltung. Gleichschaltung means ‘bringing into line.' It means ‘conformity.' It means, quite simply, ‘making everything alike.' Whoever has followed the German press since the revolution on the fifth of March has seen this word over and over again. ‘Gleichschaltung of the provincial governments.' ‘Gleichschaltung of the civil servants.' .... ‘Gleichschaltung of the professions.' .... ‘Gleichschaltung of the schools, of the universities.' .... Gleichschaltung,' finally, of every individual human being."2 So why did the National Socialists want to make the German people conform to a certain way of thinking? Ms. Thompson continues: "The new Germany does not want people who think for themselves, because people who think for themselves build minorities and invariably spoil the pattern. The National Socialist conception of the state is of a perfectly functioning machine, where each person takes his place as efficiently as a cog, and the whole system moves when the leader pushes the button."3 In watching Aaron Russo's documentary From Freedom to Fascism, I learned that the former IRS agents and congressman that were interviewed admitted that they could not point to a specific law that required working people to file and pay income tax. I have searched for such a law myself and couldn't find it either. Then why do millions of working people file and pay income tax every year? Answer - Gleichschaltung. If the Constitution doesn't grant the power desired then make the people think it does. It's not that hard as long as the media and the press plays ball with the labor cannibals that are in power. An Austrian economist named Friedrich Hayek, in his 1944 book The Road to Serfdom, pointed this out when he said "that all the instruments of propaganda are co-ordinated to influence the individuals in the same direction and to produce the characteristic Gleichschaltung of all minds."4

So every year when tax time comes around millions of working people, like pushing a button, faithfully file and pay income tax on their labor and many of these people look with scorn upon the worker who refuses to do so. These are the types of people who have been conditioned to think that the sun revolves around the earth, and that Galileo is a liar. According to Sherry Jackson, one of the former IRS agents that Mr. Russo interviewed in his documentary, around 67 million people don't file federal income tax returns. So it seems that Gleichschaltung has run into some rough waters of late in the United States. What shall be done with the millions of disobedient slaves?

The quote I made from Mr. Hayek's book comes from Chapter XI, entitled "The End of Truth." What Hayek was trying to warn the people about back then was that it was a grave error to follow a path of gradual socialism, for such a path will gradually lead to a totalitarian state and the people will be slaves to the system. The propaganda that conditions the minds of working people to file and pay income tax every year is totalitarian in its nature. Every year all information that comes from the media and the press is pro-income tax and is designed to make people think that they have a legal duty to file and pay it. We hear a lot about morals today. Hayek stated that: "The moral consequences of totalitarian propaganda which we must now consider are, however, of an even more profound kind. They are destructive to all morals because they undermine one of the foundations of all morals: the sense of and the respect for truth."5

Hayek's book, on the opening page, was specifically addressed to "The Socialists Of All Parties." Social Security and other social programs are very appealing to many people, but striving to hang on to them over time, as already shown, lead the people down a path of increasing servitude. As Hayek said: "Is there a greater tragedy imaginable than that, in our endeavor to consciously shape our future in accordance with high ideals, we should in fact unwittingly produce the very opposite of what we have been striving for."6 I'm sure that the people who supported the New Deal seven decades ago believed that their socialist policies would result in a better way of life. But as Hayek pointed out: "But this would only heighten the tragedy if it should prove that what was promised to us as the Road to Freedom was in fact the High Road to Servitude."7 Germany started their social programs back in the 1880's, and it took five decades before the National Socialists took over the reigns of power. In the United States, we are seven decades since the social programs of the New Deal started. Referring to World War II, Hayek said that "we might indeed find that we have defeated National Socialism merely to create a world of many national socialisms, differing in detail, but all equally totalitarian, nationalistic, and in recurrent conflict with each other."8

Herbert Hoover warned the people about this. In his 1934 book The Challenge to Liberty, Mr. Hoover showed that controlling the way people think is the most important public policy there is in a totalitarian system. He said that "powerful propaganda" would be used to "transform the mentality of the nation."

"The man on horseback, ascending triumphantly to office on the steps of constitutional process, demands and threatens the parliament into the delegation of its sacred power. Then follows the consolidation of authority through powerful propaganda in the pay of the state to transform the mentality of the people. Resentment of criticism, denunciation of all oppositions, moral terrorization, all follow in sequence. The last scene is the suppression freedom. Liberty dies of the water of her own well - free speech - poisoned by untruth...... In the Epilogue the dreams of those who saw Utopia are shattered and the people find they are marching backward toward the Middle Ages - as regimented men."9

We have shifted from the "Divine Right of Kings" to the "Divine Right of Bureaucracies." The bureaucracies employ a lot of people, and the people who run these bureaucracies are your primary lawmakers. They are the ones who write the laws that the congress rubber stamps from time to time. Of course, congress might get a word or two in every now and then. The federal government employed over 2.6 million workers in 2004. The Social Security Administration employed over 63,000 that year, and the Department of the Treasury employed over 100,000. Herbert Hoover warned of a disguised dictatorship developing from the policies of the New Deal. Sure enough, the massive bureaucracies of the Executive branch are where most federal laws have originated ever since the New Deal began way back in 1933. Herbert Hoover said: "It is in the legislative halls that Liberty commits suicide, although legislative bodies usually succeed in maintaining their forms. For 200 years the Roman Senate continued as a scene of social distinction and noisy prattle after it had surrendered its responsibilities and the Roman State had become a tyranny."10 Since congress doesn't write more than a word or two every now and then when it comes to creating federal law, why don't the people demand that they go home and let the Executive Bureaucracy rule the country? It could save us a little money and get rid of a lot of those darned campaign commercials we have to watch every couple of years. Laws that are written by non-elected people are seldom going to be liberty friendly. After all, the voters can't get rid of them. You may shuffle around the members of Congress: every 2 years for the House and 6 years for the Senate; but the Bureaucrat usually stays in his office. Herbert Hoover could see that bureaucracy could destroy Liberty just the same as if a dictator came to power. Instead of one big king you'd have a bunch of little kings acting together toward their common goals. "Thus we have organized invisible government into a smoothly oiled machine. Congress cannot run business but business can run Congress - to the bankruptcy of Liberty."11 In the end there will be one of two things that will happen. "Either a free Congress will sooner or later destroy the ability of the system to function, or the system will destroy the freedom of the Congress."12 I'm sorry to report that the Executive Bureaucracy has been continually winning the battle since the New Deal started. The trend will most likely continue and Congress may one day cease to exist. After all, its already surrendered its legislative and taxing powers, and the recent Freedom to Fascism interview Mr. Russo had with congressman Ron Paul of Texas showed how lax congress has become with its constitutional duties of oversight. Paul said that the "congress ignores their responsibility to do any oversight" with the Federal Reserve System, and that's where all the money gets printed or electronically transferred by the billions. The Congress doesn't even audit the Federal Reserve. Do you really think that they conduct any oversight anywhere else in the Executive Bureaucracy? By the way, the Congress has surrendered its war making powers too. The last time Congress gave the executive the power to wage war was back in 1941 after Pearl Harbor. The members of Congress can disagree with the president if he goes to war, but they cannot stop him. The Iraq war is a prime example of Congress' abdication of its war making powers. The American people had better be wise in electing their chief executive. The United States military is the most powerful military force that's ever existed. Never before in history has so much power been in the hands of an elite few. God help us if this power falls into the wrong hands.

In pre civil war times Gleichschaltung was in full force and operation too. The word just hadn't been invented yet. William Channing saw how the slave system in the South in pre civil war times practiced Gleichschaltung. In his writings on "The Evils of Slavery," we read: "It is said, I know, that the ignorance of the slave is necessary to the security of the master, and the quiet of the state; and this is said truly. Slavery and knowledge cannot live together. To enlighten the slave is to break his chain. To make him harmless, he must be kept blind."13 You see, the slaveholders had laws that made it illegal to teach a slave to read back then. Why did they do such a thing? We'll let J.H. Hammond answer this question.

"You seem well aware, however, that laws have been recently passed in all these States, making it penal to teach slaves to read. Do you know what occasioned their passage, and renders their stringent enforcement necessary? I can tell you. It was the abolition agitation. If the slave is not allowed to read his Bible, the sin rests upon the abolitionists; for they stand prepared to furnish him with a key to it, which would make it, not a book of hope, and love, and peace, but of despair, hatred and blood; which would convert the reader, not into a Christian, but a demon. To preserve him from such a horrid destiny, it is a sacred duty which we owe to our slaves, not less to ourselves, to interpose the most decisive means. If the Catholics deem it wrong to trust the Bible to the hands of ignorance, shall we be excommunicated because we will not give it, and with it the corrupt and fatal commentaries of the abolitionists, to our slaves? Allow our slaves to read your writings, stimulating them to cut our throats! Can you believe us to be such unthinkable fools?"14

Today, most folks know how to read, but they are very ignorant when it comes to understanding how slavery works. It is also interesting to note what the Supreme Court said in the case of Flora v. U.S., decided in the 1959 term of the Court. Chief Justice Warren said: "Our system of taxation is based upon voluntary assessment and payment, not upon distraint."15 How can something be voluntary if the penalty for not volunteering is criminal prosecution? In addition, have you ever read in the press, or have heard in the media, that our system of taxation is based upon voluntary assessment and payment? You never will either. Why? No doubt there would be a lot more than the 67 million non-filers that already exist. Tell the slaves the truth and take away our great labor feast! Do you think us to be such unthinkable fools?

While campaigning for the presidency in 1860, Abraham Lincoln said: "John Brown's effort was peculiar. It was not a slave insurrection. It was an attempt by white men to get up a revolt among the slaves, in which the slaves refused to participate. In fact, it was so absurd that the slaves, with all their ignorance, saw plainly enough it could not succeed. That affair, in its philosophy, corresponds with the many attempts, related in history, at the assassination of kings and emperors. An enthusiast broods over the oppression of the people till he fancies himself commissioned by Heaven to liberate them. He ventures the attempt, which ends in little else than his own execution. Orsini's attempt on Louis Napoleon, and John Brown's attempt on Harper's Ferry, were, in their philosophy, precisely the same. The eagerness to cast blame on old England in the one case, and on New England in the other, does not disprove the sameness of the two things..... And how much would it avail you, if you could, by the use of John Brown, Helper's Book, and the like, break up the Republican organization? Human action can be modified to some extent, but human nature cannot be changed. There is a judgement and a feeling against slavery in this nation, which cast at least a million and a half votes. You cannot destroy that judgement and feeling - that sentiment - by breaking up the political organization which rallies around it. You can scarcely scatter and disperse an army which has been formed into order in the face of your heaviest fire; but if you could, how much would you gain by forcing the sentiment which created it out of the peaceful channel of the ballot-box into some other channel? What would that other channel probably be? Would the number of John Browns be lessened or enlarged by the operation?"16

Notice Lincoln mentioned "Helper's Book." The book he was talking about was Impending Crisis of the South - How to Meet It, and was published in 1856 and again in 1860. Helper was a non-slaveholding white from North Carolina. Helper spent a lot of time gathering statistical information and he proved that the free labor system in the North was far better than the slave system of the South. The people were far more prosperous in the North. In the South, the only people who were prosperous were the slaveholders. They controlled the government and the press; and they definitely did not tolerate any writings that opposed their system. Helper said:

"A considerable portion of this work was written in Baltimore; and the whole of it would have been written and published there, but for the following odious clause, which we extract from the Statutes of Maryland: - ‘Be it enacted by the Assembly of Maryland, That after the passage of this act, it shall not be lawful for any citizen of this State, knowingly to make, print or engrave, or aid in the making, printing or engraving, within this State, any pictorial representation, or to write or print, or to aid in the writing or printing any pamphlet, newspaper, handbill or other paper of an inflammatory character, and having a tendency to excite discontent or stir up insurrection amongst the people of color of this State, or of either of the other States or Territories of the United States, or knowingly to carry or send, or to aid in the carrying or sending the same for circulation amongst the inhabitants of either of the other States or Territory of the United States, and any person so offending shall be guilty of a felony, and shall on conviction be sentenced to confinement in the penitentiary of this State, for a period not less than ten nor more than twenty years, from the time of sentence pronounce on such person.' Act passes Dec., 1831. See: 2ndDorsey, pg. 1218."17

Notice that this law did not have the word "willful" in it. This meant that all the jury would consider is whether or not you had a part in the printing and distribution of anti-slavery materials or not. The state of mind of the accused was a moot point. Either you did or you didn't. Guilty as charged! So Helper had to get his book published in New York and I can guarantee you that it was not welcome in the South. Today, the same thing happens with books that are against the system. For example, a fellow named Irwin Schiff, who Mr. Russo interviewed in Freedom to Fascism, sold a book for a time called The Federal Mafia. I've never read the book but on March 19, 2003, Federal Judge Lloyd George ordered Schiff to stop selling it, even though it had been printed and sold for 13 years up to that point. Schiff basically was ordered to shut up in general, or else he would be arrested and thrown in jail for contempt of court. In a April 4, 2003 article that appeared on the web site, Schiff pointed out why the book was being banned after it had been printed and sold for 13 years. He said: "The answer is easy. Within the last 2 months I started advertising nationally. My ads were on major stations. For instance, in L.A. I was on station 97.1 with Howard Stern and Tom Leicus. I was also on the Michael Savage show two times a day. Until this year I didn't advertise nationally, and my business really picked up. Businessmen were hearing my commercial, calling me, and buying my book. The book is very persuasive; it was becoming increasingly more popular." Well, history rhymes once again. Here we can see that slavery is the same in spirit no matter in what form it comes in; whether it's the bondage of old or the cannibalism of today. The old Maryland law is still alive in spirit. The only difference is that race is not an issue any more. They want power over everybody's labor, not just one particular race; and they don't even have to buy us first. Schiff, in addition to his book being banned, was barred from the airwaves too. The FCC contacted KLAV talk radio, Las Vegas, where Mr. Schiff had a weekly radio program for the last seven years, and told them not to let him on the air any more. So, guess where Irwin is now? Yep - you guessed it - Federal Prison. On February 24, 2006 he was sentenced to 13 years in the federal pen. Ironically, his sentence fell within the guidelines of the old Maryland statute. If he makes it to the end of his sentence, he'll be 90 years old. The problem with Schiff is that he didn't file and pay income tax on millions of dollars in sales over the years from his business, Freedom Books. For example, from 1997 and 2002, Freedom Books sold more than $4.2 million worth of products. Once again, labor could not be made an issue at the trial, and if I were a juror that had filed and paid income tax all my life, I would have probably found any person guilty that evaded paying taxes on millions of dollars.

Now let's address the question: What will become of the roughly 67 million people who don't file income tax returns? How many more Cheeks and Harpoles will the labor cannibals criminally prosecute? They're not going away and the attempt by the labor cannibals to suppress the truth has failed even though the media and the press still faithfully practices Gleichschaltung to try and make people think that the sun revolves around the earth. Sooner or later, something is going to have to happen with the non-conformists, because they're not going away and they can't be allowed to poison people's minds with the truth. Given the trend of things, it is unlikely that the majority will throw the labor cannibals out of power since they look to the labor cannibals for their security and vote for them every election cycle. So something will have be done to this dissenting minority. Hence, the only option left is to round them up and get rid of them. Of course, propaganda will have to be used to set them up first. In Germany, for example, anti- Jewish propaganda had been ongoing for years before the Nazis came to power. Laurence Rees saw this. In reference to the state of things back in 1919, he said: "Rumors spread of how Jews had shirked their war service and of how it had been a Jew in the government - Walther Rathenau - who had deviously inspired the humiliating armistice. Even now, so the lies continued, German Jews were selling the country out as part of a worldwide conspiracy organized by international Jewry..... These lies were effective partly, and ironically, because there were surprisingly few Jews actually living in Germany. In June 1933 they numbered only 503,000, a mere .76% of the population...."18 So there was a lot of hatred of Jews before Hitler came to power, and the Nazis turned up the propaganda heat to a full flame. This was why all the massive deportation of Jews was accomplished without any public outcry. The people had already been mentally conditioned to hate the Jews, and the few dissenters dared not speak out against the system. This reminds me of an article I read in a 1929 Saturday Evening Post article entitled "War Propaganda."

"‘Was it necessary,' I asked, ‘to make the admixture so strong?' The Master Propagandist slowly sipped his last drop of his coffee. ‘You forget,' he drawled, ‘that you cannot make an effective appeal to the masses without arousing primitive instincts and prejudices. Without hate their can be no propaganda. Give me something to hate and I will guarantee to organize a powerful propaganda campaign anywhere within 24 hours.' ‘There was a man in Galilee,' I remarked, ‘who won the world's heart with His love.' ‘Nevertheless,' my friend replied, ‘the human species responds more readily to hate than to love. Hate is even stronger than patriotism. Our hate for the enemy is sometimes greater than our love for our country.'"19

For many years now we see the ongoing propaganda that those who refuse to conform with taxation upon their labor are slandered as "tax protestors" and therefore bad Americans. For many years now the non-custodial slaves of divorce get labeled "deadbeat parents" for not paying child support or getting behind. Tell me: Do you hate "tax protestors"? Do you hate "deadbeat parents"? If the state started rounding them up and hauling them off, would you care? Would you approve of it? Would you do anything? Would you just watch it happen?

"After he had seen five groups of Jews shot at the pit, Alfonsas Navasinskas went home alone (his friend stayed on to collect the torn-up money). ‘I kept turning around to look behind me. It was such a horrible feeling. Nobody spoke up for the Jews, nobody said a word. It was if it were all quite normal.'"20

You see, the Jews knew they were going to be murdered, so anything of value they tried to destroy first to prevent the Nazis from robbing them after they were killed. That's why there was torn-up money lying around. The people who carried out these mass murders are of especial interest. One diary that survives the period is the diary of Felix Landau, who was a German/Austrian member of an Einstatzkommando. His July 12, 1941 entry states: "Isn't it strange, you love battle and then you have to shoot defenseless people. Twenty-three had to be shot...... The death candidates are organized into three shifts as there are not many shovels. Strange, I am completely unmoved. No pity, nothing. That's the way it is and then it's all over."21

Rees says that "Felix Landau's diary shows a man to whom remorse is an unknown emotion. He is a selfish and base human being, but not a madman."22 Then there's the interview that Rees had with Petras Zelionka, a Lithuanian soldier who was a member of one of the Nazi death squads. Rees said that "He recalls that the men went to their deaths with little resistance, ‘totally as lambs.'"23 The pogrom eventually expanded to include Jewish women and children, and Zelionka participated in murdering them too. Rees said that the murderers were all volunteers. There were plenty of policemen and soldiers that voluntarily came forward to carry out the pogroms.

"When reading documents relating to the Einstatzgruppen killings, one is always tempted to think that the men who committed them were not really human. Perhaps they were collectively insane. But Petras Zelionka gave every impression of being a sane man. If you met him in the street and were introduced to him, you would not notice anything out of the ordinary. Yet he murdered in cold blood, standing feet away from his victims. Today, when the only mass killers we read about are the crazed murderers featured in the tabloid press, it is important to meet a man like Petras Zelionka who killed more than any tabloid monster and yet sat before us as composed and normal as any grandfather."24

Laurence Rees concluded his Introduction to The Nazis by saying: "Could something similar happen again somewhere in the world? I am with Karl Jaspers: ‘it remains possible for it to happen again at any minute.'"

Gleichschaltung turned out to be a very evil thing back then, but the labor cannibals of today believe that it is a good thing, otherwise they wouldn't try to control the way that people think. Indeed, have they figured out how to gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles? Most ministers and preachers must think so too, for their writings and sermons admonish people that it is their duty as a Christian to pay all the taxes and fees that are imposed upon them, but they don't dare tell them that they are slaves for doing it. "There exists a way that is upright before a man, but the ways of death are the end of it afterward."25


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