September 9, 1933 - Editorial - Practical Patriotism, by George Lorimer

Newspaper editors paid the homage of display to a Washington news item involving the modest sum of $30,000. This was the amount granted by Federal authorities to the Menominee Indians for building roads in their reservation.

These simple red men, instead of doing what their paleface brethren would have done, instead of scampering home with their thirty thousand and yammering because it was not sixty, with grave courtesy refused it point-blank. Their spokesman explained that his people understood that the Great White Father was having a hard year making both ends meet; that at such a time his red children did not wish to be a burden to him; and so they would build their own roads with their own money and let their thirty thousand go to some other quarter.

Hard-bitten Washington officials, cynical spectators of the game of grab, could scarcely believe their ears, but time proved that they had heard right. (pg. 22)

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