September 26, 1936 - Editorial - Who will Pay the Bill?, by George Lorimer

No one who believes in the ability of people to govern themselves has any real doubt that particular forms of widespread error and delusion will evaporate in due course of time. Thus the more exaggerated and ridiculous the pension plans, so-called, and especially the best advertised of them, promising, as it does, $200 a month to all persons of sixty and over, would probably have faded out before this, except that in a election year politicians are proverbially weak, enbracing the ideas in which they really do not believe, provided there appears to be a considerable number of votes behind them. (pg. 22)

Comments: A $200 a month pension equates to $2400 a year back then. That's roughly double what the average workers made back then. In 2006 dollars, a $200 a month pension would be about $5800 a month. If a candidate that wanted to get elected today proposed this, I wonder what people would think of it.

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