September 22, 1934 - Article - New Deal Politics, by Samuel G. Blythe

There has been no Democratic Party since the election of Roosevelt. To be sure, the name has remained, and the component parts of Democracy exist, such as the South, and Tammany, and South Boston, and so on, but those are merely symbols. The Democratic Party has been taken over lock, stock and barrel, by President Roosevelt, and, to give it its true name, it is not now the Democratic Party but the Roosevelt Party. It is no more the old states-rights, tariff-for-revenue Democratic Party than it is the Association for the Study of Etruscan Doorknobs or the Society to Determine the Exact Way a Hen Should Lay an Egg. This virile New Yorker has taken the historic old Democracy and molded it into a new shape, and he made the mold. It is now merely an instrument to register his demands. He pushes the button and the party does the rest. (pg. 9)

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