August 24, 1935 - Article - In Defense Of Curiosity, by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt

It is not always our own fault when we lack curiosity, for our environment may have prevented its development. The lack of curiosity in parents will often mean that they will try to eliminate it in their children, and thus keep their homes from stimulating the youthful urge to acquire knowledge. (pg. 65)

Comments: How many of us have developed a curiosity to investigate and see if the powers being exercised over us are truly lawful? For example, as far as common working folks are concerned, when the media and the press tells you at tax time that it is your duty to file and pay income tax, are you curious if the government has the legal power to tax your labor? When you sit in church, and the minister tells you that it is your Christian duty to pay all the taxes and fees government imposes upon you, do you question whether the minister's preaching is in accordance with the truth? After all, do not these ministers cite scriptures to back themselves up?

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