July 7, 1934 - Article - Planned Economy, by Samuel Crowther

In an interview Secretary Ikes said: "We can't have it if we allow the priests of the Golden Calf to raise up their fallen idol in our midst again and set the fashion of political worship for the rest of us, as they did for ¾ of a century before 1932. We can't have it if we allow ourselves to forget what that false god and its false creed did to us. I am thinking not only of the crash of 1929 but also of the long years before, when, in the name of ‘rugged individualism,' 2% of the people were getting control, noisily or quietly, of 80% of the wealth of the country." Assistant Secretary Tugwell says: "Control bodies would not need to know more about a specific process than those who are engaged in it; that would be manifestly impossible. They need only to know more about the industry in general and about the relationships among industries than any one business can. And since this is the field in which business has registered its greatest failure, we might reasonably expect to find it done better by some other agency." (pg. 23)

The measures operating on us are:

(1) The Agricultural Adjustment Administration, (2) The NRA, (3) The money policy involved in the devaluation of the dollar, (4) The Public Works Administration, (5) The Civil Works Administration, (6) The proposal to stimulate foreign trade by reciprocity treaties, and, (7) A Consumer's Board.

It is hard, after all the hopes that have been raised, for the people to realize that each class is only taking from some other class and that none, except for a brief time, is better off...... The Socialists hold that, no matter what is wrong, Socialism will cure it. (pg. 74)

The myth is, however, that, if everything be controlled and operated according to plan - the details of which no one knows, or at least no one reveals - the standards of comfort will be higher than if the direction of affairs is left to the unwritten rules accumulated through some thousands of years of experience. To put the matter crudely, but concretely, we are asked to believe that the citizens of our nation, both individually and collectively, are now and always have been natural-born fools and it is high time to take charge of them. (pg. 77)

The measures that are now being executed or proposed will change the form of our life. (pg. 78)

Comments: I recall that senator Bob Dole, in one of campaign speeches when running for president in 1996, stated that "We must move away from a planned economy." Dole had been a member of Congress since 1960. He knew the truth, and he knew that a planned economy was a Socialist conception. This means that, in a planned economy, all are bound to some degree of servitude, but he nor any other member of Congress will ever admit this.

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