July 6, 1935 - Article - Surrender Of The Purse (part 2), by Garet Garrett

Continuing the story of House Joint Resolution No. 117, commonly called the $5,000,000,000 work-relief bill, cited as Emergency Relief Appropriations Act of 1935, enacted by a Congress that did not write it and never understood it. Certain facts about it, already established from the record, were these:

That it was the President's own bill, drafted under his approval by various subordinate officers of the Government;

That is the form in which it was received at the Capitol to be passed as a very urgent administration measure, it proposed such a grant of money with freedom of power as had never been made by a legislative body in all the history of parliamentary government...." (pg. 16)

In a fuddle of billions, House Joint Resolution No. 117, appropriating nearly five more, was passed. And when the official reporter had written down in his record, "So the bill was passed," Probably very few, if any, of those who had voted aye realized that with that they had delivered into the hands of the President control of an unspent purse amounting to nearly $11,000,000,000.

That is not money. It is power. (pg. 75)

Comments: I recall in the movie Fahrenheit 9-11 that certain members of Congress were interviewed. One of the members said: "Sit down my son, we don't read most of the bills...." So here we have proof that Congress is merely an expensive talking shop that doesn't write or read most of the legislation it votes on. Revenue bills are no exception.

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