July 21, 1934- - Editorial - No Cure-All for Unemployment, by George Lorimer

Shortly before its adjournment in June, President Roosevelt wrote Congress a welfare message couched in very general terms. It suggested no legislation which he wished at the time, but contained ideas to be considered in the period before the next Congress meets, and presumably to be acted upon then. In the main, the President asked that by next January the country's legislators be prepared to take some action in the direction of social insurance. The message was couched in expansive phraseology and might be criticized as suggesting Utopia without specifying the ways and means of reaching that happy land. (pg. 22)

Comments: What FDR was saying is that the members of Congress need not worry about writing any legislation, the brain trust would handle all that. All that the members of Congress needed to do was have a nice vacation and then come back to rubber-stamp more executive legislation. Social Security will be one of pieces of legislation that will be rubber stamped in 1935.

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