July 11, 1936 - Editorial - A New World With the New Deal?, by George Lorimer

Few subjects have been threshed over more exhaustively, both is Congress and in the newspapers, than that of Federal relief. But whatever else may be thought of the various programs, most of them under the direction of Mr. Hopkins, we do not see how any thoughtful person can fail to be genuinely disturbed by the way in which these activities have spread. The WPA is not the only New Deal agency to cover the universe, but it is easily the leader in this respect; its ramifications are almost beyond calculation.

The literal fact is that several of these New Deal innovations, and more especially the Works Progress Administration, are setting up what amount in many respects to entirely new, separate and often duplicating governments of their own, instead of using existing facilities. Congress votes several billion dollars to the President to spend for relief, the President in turn hands it over to an Administrator, who appoints assistants, who themselves proceed to create a government, as if none had ever existed before. (pg.22)

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