June 30, 1934 - Article - Which New Deal?, by Isaac Don Levine

The forces of history have given us but one choice. It is the choice between the Tartar state and the Anglo-Saxon state, between cardboard villages and realities, between dictatorship and democracy. The former is paternalistic, the latter is free. The former may be benevolent, the latter decides what is best for itself. President Wilson, in his New Freedom, put the choice as follows:

"I do not want to live under a philanthropy. I do not want to be taken care of by the Government either directly or by any instruments through which the Government is acting. I want only to have right and justice prevail so far as I am concerned. Give me right and justice and I will undertake to take care of myself...... I will not live under trustees if I can help it..... I do not care how wise, how patriotic the trustees may be. I have never heard of any group of men in whose hands I am willing to lodge the liberties of America in trust." (pg. 80)

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