June 24, 1933 - Editorial - Action!, by George Lorimer

It is the everyday coin of conversation that the people wanted action when they elected Mr. Roosevelt, and that they are getting it. The country is being treated to a swift succession of experiments on a grand scale. Certainly, fear of change and preconceived prejudices do not stand in the way of the measures taken. These are a constant delight to one type of mind and a source of disturbance or even of fear to another. Yet probably these extremes of both hope and fear are unwarranted. A cautious yet critical attitude is never very popular, but it often proves justified.

People swing from cause to cause, from slogan to slogan. A few years ago, the New Era was all the cry; now it is the New Deal. We have booms and landslides not only in stocks, real estate and methods of solving the liquor problem but in political parties, administrations and personalities. People run from one extreme to another; they go on jamborees of emotion and opinion. (pg. 20)

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