June 16, 1934 - Article - Socialism In The Red, by Garet Garrett

What is the goal? (of socialism) Freedom in all meanings - freedom from fear of want and unemployment, freedom from the oppressive tyranny of private greed, freedom for the hand and mind and tongue. For what would be the use of dispossessing the capitalist - except of course to have revenge upon him - if it should mean only a passing of labor from wage slavery to servitude? The state might become even a less merciful employer than the capitalist, the state being all righteous and beyond punishment. Instead of hiring labor, would the state simply not command it? There is and always is the danger of that result. Everyone could see it, even the Socialists. Therefore, Socialism was obliged to stress the thought and ideals of freedom; or, that is to say, it was obliged to embrace the complete doctrine of democracy. (pp. 61,63)

As to the principles of Socialism, the cardinal one had to be, and still is, the democratic principle. No democracy, no Socialism...... Thus, Socialism abhors dictatorship, minority terrorism, any way of condemning people to an equality of security and happiness that deprives them of their liberties. (pg. 63)

For all their dissimilarities of principle, method and dialect, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, even our own New Deal, are manifestations of the time. Have they anything in common?

They have this is common, that they are all fundamentally socialistic - that word now with no subtlety of the capital S. They are socialistic in their two main roots:

First, that they assert the unlimited supremacy of the state and enormously extend the power, the authority and the functions of government, and,

Second, that they all alike extend the power, authority and functions of government in one direction - namely, into the economic life, (1) to administer it bureaucratically, (2) to own, control or supervise the instrumentalities of production and distribution, which means, (3) to dictate or superintend the production of goods and the division of them, with intent to apportion the national income among the people by law and decree according to a fixed social plan. (pg. 65)

How strange if it should turn out that Socialism, the great international pacifist party, were unable to reap where for 80 years it had been sowing, and would not reap if it could, the crop being - the ruin of freedom in the world and again the advent of war as an instrument of economic policy among nations. (pg. 66)

Comments: On January 6, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt, in his annual address before Congress, spoke of four freedoms in the beginning of the speech. These four freedoms were: (1) freedom of speech and expression, (2) freedom of every person to worship God in his own way, (3) freedom from want, and, (4) freedom from fear. If we look at the goals of Socialism in this article, do they not match what FDR said? FDR was a Socialist, plain and simple. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck. The important thing to realize is that all the collectivist systems, whether they be Socialism, Communism, or Fascism, they all have Cannibalism in common. Labor is not free in any of them. It is also interesting to note that Socialism was supposed to be pacifist system that would lead the human race to Utopia. Instead it led to tyrants like Hitler and Stalin. Where it eventually leads America remains to be seen, and it won't be to Utopia.

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