May 26, 1934 - Editorial - The Republican Sleeping Sickness, by George Lorimer

It is not surprising that the Republicans went into a state of suspended animation after their tremendous trouncing at the last presidential election, but it is surprising that the coma has continued from that time to this. The attitude of the leaders seems to be that, in 1932, the Republican Party was chased into the chasm of the Grand Canyon, hurled from the top of the Washington Monument with no nets spread beneath, or towed out to sea in a barge and cast overboard.

Accustomed to power and all its prerequisites, they couldn't take defeat. They threw up their hands and mourned that the Republican Party was demolished.

Unless there is a virile, vigilant, intelligent and patriotic opposition to the majority, a democracy such as ours ceases to be a democracy and becomes absolutism.

Comments: When Russia was a purely communist country, people voted in elections. However, they could only vote for communists. So when Russia was the USSR, did the people have democracy or absolutism? USSR stood for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In the United States, since FDR and the New Deal, both the Democratic and the Republican parties have embraced the doctrines of socialism, so that, no matter which party you vote for, the Cannibals of labor get elected. So, do we have democracy or absolutism in the United States? Are we free or slave? An institution of slavery that treats human labor as a great feast can aptly be described as Cannibalism, because the rulers despoil people of their labor to any extent they wish, while at the same time shunning the responsibilities of masters.

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