May 23, 1936 - Editorial - Patriot or Partisan, by George Lorimer

The old party names, Republican and Democrat, have largely lost their meaning, though they still have value to the politicians as nets in which they can catch the poor fish who, unaware, unthinking and unreasoning, swim in old, accustomed channels.

If the New Deal part wins, there will be a lasting moratorium even on breathing spells. The Administration will take re-election as a mandate to go to the limit and, headed by a man of the Roosevelt temperament, it probably will.

Jefferson is dead and his party is dead, its members fighting for a mess of New Deal pottage instead of for his ideals, its written platform dishonored and its unwritten one, on which it is functioning, a hodgepodge of Socialistic ideas.

Lincoln is dead and his party is facing the greatest crisis in its career, with too many of its leaders fighting one another for place and political power, instead of fighting the enemy. Too many Republicans have been keeping an eye on the New Deal table, while one hand was outstretched for the crumbs that fell from it. Only by a finish fight for principle can the Opposition be galvanized into quick and useful life. (pg. 26)

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