May 12, 1934 - Editorial - Poor Men's Courts, by George Lorimer

Poor men's courts have got to come. The demand for them increases steadily, year by year, as we more fully realize that justice is not justice when it costs so exorbitant that only the rich can afford to pay for it, and the poor man, no matter how just his cause, is denied redress by force of circumstance. (pg. 24)

Comments: Well, it took a few more decades, but the "Poor Men's Courts" have finally arrived. They are called "Family Courts," and they impoverish fathers by the thousands and throw thousands of fathers in jail every year without the right to counsel or a jury trial because they can't pay the money the "Poor Man's Courts" allege they owe. A lot of these fathers are poor to start with before they go before these courts, and are thus made even poorer. Of course, these are not the kind of "Poor Man's Courts" that Lorimer had in mind.

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