April 4, 1936 - Editorial - Who is Going to Pay?, by George Lorimer

The question, "Who is going to pay for all of this?" is receiving increasing attention. It is a question which is asked by all classes and kinds of people. It is not a question that is being put aside by denouncing those who advocate economy or by accusing them of willingness to see people starve. It seems to be the contention of New Deal defenders that all who oppose its policies are in favor of starvation for the destitute.

 This country did a great deal, privately and publicly, in caring for its own even before the New Deal cam into power, and it was prompt to go to the rescue of distant countries, such as Belgium, Armenia, Russia and Japan. No one has ever questioned the justification of necessary expenditures for relief that could not be met by state and local governments. But the methods employed in relieving destitution and providing employment are legitimately subject to scrutiny and criticism, provided there is anything to criticize, and it is both cheap and illogical claptrap to accuse the critics of being interested in property rights only.

If there have been waste and extravagance, and if the schemes and methods used have been ideal setups for partisan politicians, then the critic who keeps silent is disloyal to his country. For, in the long run, there will be no money left for relief if relief is based on unsound procedures. (pg. 26)

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