April 20, 1935 - Editorial - Stupid Legislation, by George Lorimer

It is a wholesome sign that such an impressive volume of sincere and convincing protests has been raised against the publicity feature of the Federal Income Tax Law, which requires that the taxpayer shall place his gross income, net income and a few other facts on a pink slip for purposes of general publication. It is true, of course, that strong opposition to this measure should have come earlier; indeed, it should have made itself felt in the spring of 1934, when the measure was rushed through. But this pink-slip feature was hardly noticed in the great mass of experimental legislation at the time, and criticism of any action of those in power was then at a very low ebb.

Quite regardless, however, of the history of legislation in the past few years, this particular provision is a peculiarly stupid and half-baked one..... (pg. 26)

Comments: Since the income tax was viewed at that period in history a tax upon the wealthy, we can see that this was an attack upon people who had property and some measure of wealth. Obviously, it was designed to cause class conflict, and nothing more.

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