April 1, 1933 - Editorial - Pull Together, by George Lorimer

In these early days of the new Administration it is absolutely essential that the people should give their support and confidence to President Roosevelt. Presidents are not miracle men and they should not be advertized or looked upon as such. There has been much talk about giving Mr. Roosevelt extraordinary additional powers, much loose talk, in fact, of clothing him with dictatorial powers. But the cold fact is that no new Chief Executive can accomplish results without the trust and cooperation of the country. Cynicism towards him, or even a languid indifference, makes his task more trying. People will naturally wait and see, but it should be in a hopeful, friendly spirit, if the new Administration is to get the right start. (pg. 20)

Comment: Mr. Lorimer, at this time, was not fully aware of what was really happening in the emergency session of Congress that was still in progress.

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