March 31 - Editorial - The First Law of Nature, by George Lorimer

Thomas Jefferson was not given to uttering nonsense. When he wrote into the Declaration of Independence his axiom that all men are created equal, he wrote as a statesman and not as a biologist. He referred to equality in civil liberties and not equality in natural endowments or of natural handicaps. He knew, as well as we, that the first law of Nature is inequality.

We may, if it is of any comfort to us, complain that all creation is one gigantic piece of injustice, a cosmic swindle; but no one ever got the better of Nature in an argument, for the simple reason that Nature never argues. And what is worse, justice to the individual is a matter with which she has not the remotest concern. Inequality, indeed, is an essential part of her scheme of things; for without it, he animate world would be at a standstill.

By income taxes we strive to redress the balance and at the same time make the builders of great fortunes pay proper toll to the society which has made their success possible. (pg. 22)

Comment: Are all who labor for their bread today "builders of great fortunes"?

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