March 17, 1934 - Editorial - The Weakest Link, by George Lorimer

The whole experience of mankind goes to show that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. This means plans hurled down from above, no matter how magnificently conceived, are no better than their execution. The campaigns of even the most brilliant general staff must be carried out by humble sergeants, corporals and privates who have been trained to go over the top, and whose experience, courage and morale are beyond question. It cannot be assumed that because a brain trust thinks up ideas and gives orders, the results will necessarily follow as desired. Neither business or Government is a matter primarily of pressing buttons; they operate effectively only as the personnel all along the line have the ideals and capacity to execute.

This is the lesson of the CWA. The conception, the idea of putting 4,000,000 men to work on all manner of projects within a few weeks' time by the use of Government money, was grandly monumental, if not Utopian in scope. (pg. 22)

Comment: We see what was laying the foundation for FDR's next landslide re-election. Give hope to the unemployed and benefit the debtor class, and then pass the bill on to posterity.

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