March 16, 1935- Editorial - Papa Says Yes, by George Lorimer

Behold the grand and awful operations of the United States Government through the National Recovery Administration on or about January 25th of this year. As of that date, the weekly bulletin, or organ, of the NRA, known as the Blue Eagle, contains, among scores of other administrative orders, the following gem of highest statesmanship:

Order 318, granting exemption to J.A. Ochs & Son, Inc., New Ulm, Minn., from the provisions of Article V, Section 6, of the Code, to the extent that it is permitted to extend the lunch hour of Miss Ida Erler from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, until such time as the physical disabilities complained of have been alleviated.

Some months ago, this publication carried on The Workers' Paradise From the Inside, consisting of translations from official Soviet newspapers of very frank descriptions of a few of the endless transportation, agricultural and industrial mishaps or difficulties which continue to plague that country's planned economy. One of the less-serious incidents concerning the station master at Voskressensk, who turned pale one morning upon receiving a questionnaire concerning detached car parts. It took him until nine the next morning to answer the 2697 separate questions, opposite each of which he wrote "No," because there were no detached car parts in Voskressensk.

Everyone laughs at these ridiculous, if all too tragic, incidents of futility in another country. But why laugh at the Russians, when so many of our own people are playing with childish toys? Is order 318, granting Miss Ida Erler half an hour extra for lunch, really part of the law of the land? Must it eventually come before the Supreme Court of the United States?

Nor is Order 318 the only example of the farcical; there have been numerous others of the same kind. (pg. 26)

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