February 8, 1936 - Editorial - The Big Barrage Invective, by George Lorimer

There is something almost childishly simple about the strategy of the New Deal. Stirring up class hatred and strife has been its standard method of offense. Calling names and sticking out its tongue at those who ventured to disagree with its policies have been its standard methods of defense.

Shooting every tenth soldier in a regiment may kill off a traitor here and there, but it destroys the morale of the army.

A brief glace at a few of the New Deal policies suffices to make it clear why, though one may agree with them in theory, one must dissent in practice.

We are against the New Deal because its laws leave broad discretionary powers in the hands of the Executive; because they can be and are amplified and interpreted by the rulings of bureaucrats, and these rulings have the force of law; because their aims and their administration are contradictory and chaotic; because they seek to remake mankind and America in little more than the Biblical seven days. (pg. 22)

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