February 11, 1933 - Editorial - Working for the Taxgatherer, by George Lorimer

It would be less of a shock to have our pockets picked by an expert than to be held up at the point of a gun, but the end result would not be very different...... Chief Justice Marshall told us more than a century ago that the power to tax is the power to destroy. We have always taken him at his word and have asked for no proof, but many of our legislators seem to be trying, at whatever the cost, to find out whether or not taxation really can destroy. By doing so, they are giving us a new conception of the relationship between us and them, and new apprehensions over what they may do to us. We once thought of them mainly as lawmakers. Now we are coming to regard them as rather irresponsible agents to whom we have executed, in blank, assignments of indeterminate portions of our future income, leaving the amounts and terms to be filled in by them and their fellows. Moreover, we have put behind them the whole force of law, whereby they can require us to honor their drafts, no matter how heavy, upon our income.(pg. 20)

Comment: When Lorimer mentioned the word "income" he was not referring to what a worker was paid for his/her labor. He was referring to the gains and profits of business activity.

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