February 1, 1936 - Article - The Only Real Security, an interview with Henry Ford, by Samuel Crowther

Henry Ford is unquestionably our first citizen. Probably he is the first citizen of the world - for his is the one name that has become part of every language and dialect. He has directly created and distributed more wealth than any other man since the beginning of the world. None of this wealth and consequent employment was created at the expense of anyone or anything. None of it came into being as a result of political or financial chicanery. Indirectly he has created wealth and employment too vast to even estimate. (pg. 5)

"Our greatest possession is the right to work. That is not a right which someone can guarantee to us. It is a right which we must guarantee to ourselves. It is a right founded on human nature. It is our natural liberty. We may think that we can trade liberty for security or equality. On the contrary, we can have the measure of security and equality we deserve only as we preserve liberty. If we trade liberty, we shall have nothing. And yet we are constantly being advised to trade it." (pg. 58)

Comments: It turns out that the people actually did surrender their liberty to the Government. Most people will blindly claim that they have liberty and are free, even though they are in a condition of servitude and only receive the allowance from their labor that their political masters chose to give them. They are simply reflecting their mental conditioning since childhood. They feel free and they feel secure. I guess that's all that matters to most people. It's not logic and reason that matters, it's what makes people feel good that matters.

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