December 9, 1933 - Editorial - The Excesses of Reformers, by George Lorimer

There are very few apologists today for the excesses of capitalist in the years between 1927 and 1930. There will be few apologists tomorrow fro the excesses of reformers in the year 1933. The rush to get good quick can be quite as harmful as the rush to get rich quick. Between the two is a safe middle ground of common honesty and common sense.

Trial and error does not mean trying all the old errors over again. A nation cannot be herded to perfection, but it can be herded to the slaughter. Good intentions may stampede us by one path and bad business practices by another to the same steep jumping-off place. Bad business practices can be put under the spotlight of public reprobation and dealt with. Good intentions, self-crowned with a halo of righteousness and bathed in the holy light of idealism, disarm the critic. The sweet blunderings of the altruist, the imperfections of the perfectionist, and the fool ideas of the theorist, are urged on the people as the one way out. And to make the argument final, the paints in as a background to the highlights of the Utopia that he promises, the dark deeds of small groups of capitalists - selected horrible examples in black. Those who do not agree with him are tool of Wall Street or in the pay of the interests. No one is so intolerant of criticism as the theorist.

No honest man can condone or tolerate any continuation of the abuses that have been brought to light in the Senate hearings and elsewhere. So sensible man can approve much that is being done today in the name of reform and recovery. No thoughtful man can escape the conclusion that many of the brain trust's ideas and plans are based on Russian ideology; that we are steadily being herded to the left; and that fundamental American ideals and institutions are in danger of being scrapped.

But what shall we say of the plan to rob the Peters through a debased currency to give to the Pauls; the plowing up of crops and the slaughtering of swine in the name of plenty for the farmer, though you can't make a silk purse out of even a hundred thousand sows' ears.....

We are told that we are in a social revolution and that a new system is being evolved. What we actually have in a queer combination of Fascism and Socialism.

Is it really more dishonest for Wall Street wolves to strip the lambs of their money by rigging the market than for Government to take away the savings of the thrifty by rigging the currency? (pg. 22)

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