December 5, 1936 - Editorial - The New Administration, by George Lorimer

On January 20th, the new Administration, elected by a tremendous majority and headed by President Roosevelt, will take office. Even though some sixteen million voters could not see eye to eye with the New Deal, its victory was so sweeping that there can be effective opposition to its program, either in the House or in the Senate. The greatest danger that confronts it lies in the magnitude of its majority in the Congress. Such a sweeping victory is heady stuff.

Forces that are new in American political life - elements with tremendous voting strength - acted on the recent elections. Nevertheless, there was a good deal of wishful thinking on the part of the opposition, and a hope that a sufficient number of its candidates might be returned to the House to insure careful and deliberate consideration of new legislation and a check on the passage of unwise and unsound measures. That hope was unfounded. For the present, at least, the future of America is on the lap of its popular god. (pg. 22)

Comments: This election proved that a republican form of government cannot be preserved in a democracy. The people will always destroy the republic by voting for access to the public treasury. Even though the people were told that their Constitution was being violated, a tremendous majority of the people re-elected the political forces that were violating the Constitution. In fact, FDR's re-election was the greatest triumph in the polls a presidential candidate has ever had in the nation's history. Recall too that FDR's campaign speeches in 1932 as well as the Democratic platform of 1932 were a bunch of lies. I suppose this proves that what is right or wrong is not important with most people. What moves them is what makes the feel good; and this applies to the vast majority of them. The truth doesn't stand a chance when overpowered by a great mob. At any rate, this landslide election made sure that the labor Cannibals would get the time they needed to firmly establish themselves in Government. This tremendous majority back then voted for the destruction of their own liberties; and they voted for the destruction of the independence of the judicial department of Government. If FDR had been defeated in the 1936 elections, the odds are that the Supreme Court would not have been packed with his closest allies, such as Frankfurter. However, the servitude that this tremendous majority had do endure is nothing compared to what many endure today. There's a big difference between 3% of labor being taken from a worker and 65%, and we have this tremendous majority back then to thank for setting us on the course that has led to this. Recall that the Israelites back in the days of Moses were given a basic law to govern them, but over time the people cried out: Give us a King! The Constitution was the same principle. It was a basic law to guide the nation as it grew, and it could be amended to adapt to changing conditions. Rather than amend it back then, the great mob who re-elected the Cannibals simply tore their Constitution up and threw it in the trash, thus giving the Cannibals unlimited and unrestrained power over the labor of all working people.

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