December 26, 1936 - Editorial - Looking Forward, by George Lorimer (Note: This was George Lorimer's last editorial)

In August of this year I resigned as chairman of the Curtis Publishing Company and editor of The Saturday Evening Post, effective on January 1, 1937, so this is the last number of the weekly in which my name will appear as chairman and editor.

For almost 39 years I have been with the Curtis Publishing Company, for a few months as literary editor of The Saturday Evening Post, and then as its editor in chief. (pg. 24)

Comments: I appreciated Mr. Lorimer's editorials. He called things as he saw them and did a very good job in reporting on the constitutional violations during the New Deal period. No doubt he and many others hoped that logic, reason and respect for truth would defeat FDR and his Cannibal Party, but this didn't happen. FDR and his associates knew - just as Hitler and his associates knew - that most people respond to feeling. It is no different today. After Lorimer's editorship ended, The Saturday Evening Post lost its independent spirit and it gradually conformed to the Cannibal system. It eventually went down the tubes and was defunct by 1969.

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