November 25, 1933 - Article - They Spend And We Pay, by Edwin Lefévre

Good Americans have always preferred indirect taxes. This practice of dodging what taxes we can - and being wishful thinkers - began with us long before July 4, 1776; and we have kept it up ever since. Every man who pays rent, pays all the taxes on the house he lives in. Every time he buys groceries, or meat, or clothing, or shoes, or anything else, he is paying taxes. He never figures that he paid the duty on the imported article that he bought. He can't possibly dodge these payments so long as he insists on breathing. But many millions of our fellow citizens are told, and believe, that the poor man can make the rich man pay all the taxes; that he can get something for nothing. (pg. 23)

Comments: Most people today will assert that a person that doesn't file and pay income taxes doesn't pay their taxes. People have always paid taxes when they spend their money - a lot of taxes. Recall that the income tax was sold to the people on the grounds that it would give relief to taxpaying consumers by imposing direct taxes on the rich.

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