October 31, 1936 - Editorial - The Pious Pre~Election Politician, by George Lorimer

To many, perhaps to a majority, Government is a remote, an all-wise, an inexhaustibly rich and all-powerful institution, deriving its authority from some mysterious force, instead of from the Constitution and the consent of the governed.

Government is not all-wise - far from it. It is not rich in its own right; it has become a parasite that sucks its billions from the wages, profits and savings of all classes, from the lowest to the highest. But it is well on the road to becoming all-powerful. Finally, if the voter will take Government apart, he will discover that it is not something better and finer than he is, but that it is simply his local, state and national politicians, whom he has elected of tolerated, and who, with notable exceptions, are concerned first of all with their own jobs, perquisites and power. Every voter has heard them, not only in this but in other administrations - for no party has a monopoly on politics and on politicians - voice class and demagogic appeals; he has seen them, time after time, yield to group pressure and sacrifice the country's interests to vote-getting measures.

This is the most important election in the history of the country. Every citizen must vote his conscience and his convictions, forgetting his emotions and the hatreds that demagogic politicians have stirred up. A voter must be extraordinarily gullible who trusts the before-election promises of politicians who have broken their past pledges.

There is a growing body of radicals and pink internationalists that pooh! Pooh! Patriotism. But patriotism is the first and guiding principle of the honest citizen. A patriot gives largely of devotion and service to his country, and asks for nothing from it but sound and just government. He is never to be found in the ranks of those crying, "We must get ours while the getting is good," and who vote at the sign of the easy dollar. (pg. 22)

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