October 24, 1936 - Editorial - Poor Man's Friend, by George Lorimer

No argument is more frequently heard in behalf of Mr. Roosevelt's re-election than that he is the poor man's friend. One well known but extravagant New Dealer goes so far as to say that Mr. Roosevelt is the first President who has thought of the working people or "ever threw the force of government into the fight for social justice." To cavil at an assertion even as extreme as this, to present arguments in refutation, seems ungracious. To say that a man is not a friend of the poor is like saying that a man has no compassion in his nature, that he lacks kindness and charity and fairness. It is not pleasant to say that of anyone, and certainly we have no desire to impute this lack of qualities to the President of the United States. (pg. 22)

Comments: FDR was a man who was born and raised in greater wealth than most of the wealthy. He never associated with the poor or lived among the poor. FDR's Administration was the first administration in history to impose income taxation on the labor of working people. He was a friend of the poor. Make sense to you? If FDR was the only person that had compassion for the poor, that meant that Abraham Lincoln, by his work in emancipating the slaves, had no consideration for poor people. Make sense to you?

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