October 21, 1933 - Editorial - The Past Has its Lessons, by George Lorimer

The greatest fault of the human race is an almost complete inability to learn by experience. As individuals we are guided by deep-seated instincts, some of which date back to primitive days, but in many of our economic and social affairs we disregard what is set down on the pages of history, and make the same mistakes in an endless series of cycles. When certain causes bring about inevitable effects, we do not recognize the situation as a recurrent one which time had thumb-marked and diagnosed for us, but look at it with wonder and fear as something new.

There is a section of the public, even in America, which seems to crave the hand of a master.

Mass memory is at its worst when it fails to warn us against throwback to the Dark Ages. Liberty was too painfully won to be thrown aside in a moment of economic panic. (pg. 22)

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