October 13, 1934 - Editorial - Buried in Lava, by George Lorimer

Every now and then during man's long life on earth, whole cities and populous countrysides have been buried under a flow of lava from a nearby volcano. Unless we as a people exercise real vigilance and unremitting care, we are in danger of being buried under a lava flow of legislation, laws, regulation, rulings, executive orders and codes. From March 4, 1933, to June 15th of this year, as nearly as can be calculated by a special committee on administrative law of the American Bar Association, the President issued nearly six times as many executive orders as were issued during then period 1862-1900, and 10% of the total since 1862. Since March 4, 1933, executive orders have covered an aggregate of 1400 pages.

But these orders do not include the contents of codes and amendments under the NRA, all of which have the force and effect of law, and violations of any provisions of which is a criminal offense. Any calculation of the aggregate output of "law" by this one agency involves guesswork, but the committee estimates that it conservatively exceeds 10,000 pages, or more than three times the total of the double-column pages which comprise the entire Federal statute law as set forth in the Code of Laws of the United States and the cumulative supplement of 1933. (pg. 22)

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