January 4, 1936 - Editorial - Under Which Flag?, by George Lorimer

The country was spoken fair by the candidate in the last campaign, and the same thing is beginning to happen again. Business is being given a "breathing spell," partly, it would seem, to alleviate animosities and partly in an attempt to recoup lost New Deal prestige.

One by one, the men of affairs and wide experience in business who were in the President's official family have lost favor, because they would not yes policies that they felt were futile or worse, or because they lost heart when they viewed the confusion and many contradictions of the Administrative scene. Recently, one of the few survivors, George Peek, was turned out into the snow and the darkness of presidential disfavor. So, with the exodus of every front-rank official and adviser of experience, and with the country largely in the hands of the Tugwells, the Frankfurters, the Hopkinses and minor professors, it is not hard to guess the direction in which America will be headed if their councils prevail. (pg. 22)

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