January 26, 1935 - Article - The Blue Eagle From Egg To Earth (part 2), by General Hugh S. Johnson

Lew Douglas said the President wanted a short bill drawn up in the broadest of terms. I wrote the Recovery Act on a sheet of legal cap paper, and I have always thought, and still think, that it was far superior to the involved and obscure statute with which we are now struggling. I wish I could write it over again. (pg. 19)

Comments: Here we see General Johnson admitting to violating the Constitution. He was not an elected member of Congress and therefore had no legislative powers, and it was Roosevelt that asked him to write the NRA legislation in the beginning. As I said before, a constitutional convention should have been convened to legalize the massive expansion of Federal executive power. But amending the Constitution is a purely legislative process, and this fact was obviously not to Roosevelt's liking. After all, a constitutional convention might give the member of Congress, the state legislatures and the people time to think about what they were doing. The Supreme Court was soon to unanimously declare the NRA unconstitutional. When this happens, FDR's reaction to this will be very revealing about his character.

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