January 19, 1935 - Editorial - Open Season on Capitalism, by George Lorimer

This is the open season for town halls, forums, and debating societies of every kind, fashionable or otherwise. More specifically, these winter months are the open season for indicting, denouncing, flaying and rending limb from limb the detestable ogre of Capitalism. Well-dressed audiences hiss and boo the few modest and faltering defenders of this odious system, or applaud every sentence of the better-known Socialist speakers. After which the well-fed audiences, still tingling with righteous emotions, stream out from the hall and are driven in modern automobiles to their comfortable homes, where they enjoy much clever talk at the expense of the very institutions which have clothed and fed them.

Socialism always carries a suggestion of the ideal, it always sounds new, and it has not been tried on a sufficiently large scale in countries like our own to bring out in hard and painful outline the weaknesses which must exist in any social and economic system.

It is difficult and painful to improve the world in which we live; therefore, let us seek another. It is so easy to say that if only the whole system is abolished everything will be rosy. Anything as big, as far-reaching, as sweeping in its sound as a complete change from Capitalism to Socialism seems to be out of our individual hands. It appears to mean no work for you and me; the Government will do the trick, which, to most people, means that someone else will do the painful thinking and hard work. (pg. 22)

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