January 19, 1935 - Article - The Blue Eagle From Egg To Earth (part 1), by General Hugh S. Johnson

In March, 1933, we could no longer afford to sit and do nothing about millions and millions of frugal hard-working people who has been cut off from their livelihood. We could no longer say, "Let them work out their salvation." Economic and mechanical progress has outstripped political process and taken that salvation completely away. Any political system has failed when people can no longer live under it by their own efforts. For five years a very large proportion of our people have not been able so to live. We must substitute for then old safety valve of free land and new horizons a new safety valve of economic readjustment and direction of these great forces. There is no other alternative to shipwreck. The need for immediate and effective action is still upon us, and the need for wise direction will always remain. We are permanently in a new era. (pg. 7)

Comments: The "Blue Eagle" was the National Industrial Recovery Act. The Blue Eagle was its nickname and it was the logo for it. It was called the NRA for short. It imposed codes on businesses that were written, approved and enforced by the executive power. The Constitution grants no legislative or judicial power to the executive branch.

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